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Real Dating Prep From The Project 143 Experts

Dating is a gamble – you win some and you lose some. But it need not feel as daunting if you adopt a positive mindset and enjoy the process. We have sent our clients on many dates and the feedback we get sometimes is things like “he didn’t pay for the bill”, “She was staring at her phone the whole time”, “she was talking about...
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Does age really matter in relationships?

If there is one thing that divides opinion when it comes to looking for a potential partner its age. For some, it is an afterthought while for others it is a central part of their search for a perfect mate. We consulted Project 143 lifestyle guru, Chiedu Hing and dating expert, James Preece to find out, when it comes to dating, if age is ever...
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Matchmaking in 2017

Project 143 is a matchmaking agency that matches real people looking for what you’re looking for. Love, partnership and someone to build a future with. Sounds simple…but for lots of us out there looking it can feel hopelessly complicated. In this post i’m going talk a little bit about the dating landscape right now and what we can all do to improve our chances of...
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The Truth About Dating in Your Thirties

Stepping back into the dating pool after 30? You’re not alone, more of us than ever before are taking the plunge and hitting the dating scene after we hit the big three O. Perhaps you’re jumping back into dating following the end of a relationship or you’ve just not found your perfect match yet. Maybe you have been having far too many adventures to consider...
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3 Ways to Reset Your Love Life this Valentine’s Day

When you’re single it’s easy to view an approaching Valentine’s Day with dread. A day that seems to celebrate the best of coupledom at the expense of a single people everywhere. If you’re happily single, it’s painless to laugh off the clichéd rituals around Valentine’s but when you’re ready to jump-start your own dating life, it can all fall a little flat. Maybe it’s time...
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Finding Love Without Dating Apps

Do you remember life before smartphones? Gone are the days where we looked forwards, rather than down at our phones all day. Nowadays, our smartphones reach into every aspect of our lives, from paying our bills and arranging our weekly grocery delivery to finding love and romance via online dating apps. Whilst online dating seems, on the face of it, to offer the perfect solution...
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