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How Important is Chemistry in a Relationship?

You don’t have to spend too long in The Dating Game to realise that chemistry is something to pay attention to when it comes to romantic relationships. We have all heard of it, couples bragging about their amazing chemistry and declaring how connected they have been since day one. We don’t feel chemistry with everyone we meet, which is why it’s a special and sought after feeling; it separates the standard dates from the incredible dates, the short term relationships from the ones that last a lifetime. It’s the difference between looking forward to date night and debating whether you should stay in and watch Netflix. You may have been on a first date, felt like something was missing and declined a second. You may have had a lot in common with a date, but noticed a distinct lack of spark.

Though someone may tick every box on paper and appear to be the ideal partner, the relationship is unlikely to excite you and last the duration if there isn’t any chemistry. Simply, chemistry is extremely important in a relationship and here’s why.

So, What is Romantic Chemistry?

Chemistry is more than just an initial spark or an immediate attraction to another person, it’s a deeper connection of understanding and a compatibility that lasts. It is one thing to be attracted to someone, it’s another thing to feel as though you ‘click’ both mentally and physically. It’s one thing to want to spend time together, it’s another thing to feel excitement and palpable energy when you are in their company. Though chemistry in a relationship is something that is hard to describe, it’s a feeling we all know and look for in a romantic partner.

Chemistry isn’t something you can manufacture, it’s either there or it’s not, and this is why such importance is placed upon it. Watch any romantic comedy or listen to any love song, and the focus of having chemistry is undeniable. Chemistry may deepen and show itself in other ways as your relationship develops, but it is always natural and organic. It’s something that happens between some people and not others, it’s something that’s felt on some first dates and not others. It can’t be forced, which is why people give it so much weight.

What Does Chemistry Feel Like?

No two people are alike and no two relationships are alike, which means that we experience romantic chemistry in slightly different ways. Some of us experience chemistry as wanting to be with another person at all times, missing them as soon as they leave. For others, it’s a combination of flirty banter and butterflies when they look at you. It could be the desire to be intimate and close by, it could be the ease that comes with being in their company or the fact that there are no awkward silences. In the simplest form, chemistry is a feeling of clicking with another person and feeling excited around them.

What’s a Relationship Without Chemistry?

Of course, there are a multitude of other things to think about when you are dating. Chemistry is important, but it’s not the ‘be all and end all’ of a healthy relationship and there are other things to strive for. If you have been dating for a while, you are sure to have a list of things you want and need from a partner. Trust and loyalty, fun and stability, honesty and humour; they are all elements that make up a romantic relationship that is worth pursuing. Without them, you may feel as though your relationship is lacking in some way or that there is something better still put there. Chemistry? It’s the all important icing on the cake and let’s face it, who wants a cake without icing?

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