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The negative side of dating apps and why using a professional matchmaker is becoming a more popular alternative.

Unless you have been living on Mars, you’ll know that dating apps have completely revolutionised the way in which we try to meet our significant other. The global pandemic thrown upon us in 2020, saw a serious boom in their usage. The most downloadable app in the world, Tinder, managed to tally up 3 billion swipes in just a single day during March 2020, and...
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What outfits to wear on a first date – men’s edition

To most, it may seem that men have it easier than women when it comes to planning an outfit for that all important first date, and there is some truth in that. However, it is still possible for men to slip up and make the wrong first impression. Therefore, simply throwing something together at the very last minute before you head out the door without...
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How Important is Chemistry in a Relationship?

You don’t have to spend too long in The Dating Game to realise that chemistry is something to pay attention to when it comes to romantic relationships. We have all heard of it, couples bragging about their amazing chemistry and declaring how connected they have been since day one. We don’t feel chemistry with everyone we meet, which is why it’s a special and sought...
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Dating During COVID

Let’s face it, COVID has really thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to dating. Not only has lockdown made it a lot harder to meet someone organically when you are out and about – that is, when we have been allowed out and about – but social distancing measures have prevented us from mingling with anyone other than friends and family. We...
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