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Scared of ghosts this Halloween? Or are you scared of falling in love?

Are you scared of ghosts this Halloween? Or does falling in love scare you more?

It’s Halloween soon, and as a matchmaking professional it got me thinking about the one really ‘scary’ thing people fear more than witches and ghosts. Starting a new relationship! Why? Because it’s something unknown – and we are scared of that.

Let’s face it, falling in love means taking a risk. We place a lot of trust in the other person. We let their response to our emotions affect us. We feel exposed and vulnerable.

Some people think that the the more we care, the more we can get hurt. As a consequence and as an Asian dating expert, I advise Indian singles who are looking for a serious date or partner, “when you free yourself from the fear, you will attract lasting love.”

Here are 5 steps to STOP being afraid of falling in love:-

  1. All relationships don’t fail, just like all relationships won’t always work.

Relationships don’t always fail, just like all relationships won’t always work. A past relationship may have failed because it just wasn’t the right relationship.

Thus, we can learn from a bad relationship experience so our present life isn’t hurt by the past. This being so, get rid of the false belief to eradicate the false terror of falling in love.

  1. Meet MORE people

Remember to proactively get out and meet people! As a result, your thought process will change – for the better! In addition, don’t call people for a date after you meet them for the first time. Instead, just keep meeting new people. Certainly, you can invite right one for a date when it just feels right.

Your fears won’t disappear overnight, but, as a result you will certainly be able to get rid of it in time. Hence follow my recommended steps to get the results you want!

  1. What are you really afraid of?

If you are frightened of love, it’s important to look at your trepidations and to try to understand them. Are you afraid of letting love in because you don’t trust people? Are you scared of letting love in because you don’t love yourself? Or perhaps because you don’t know if you could really love someone else? There are many reasons you might be holding back.

Consequently, it’s important to look at the reasons behind your qualms. So if you have issues with trust or self-love it’s important try to understand yourself better. As a result, it will probably be easier for you to let love in.

  1. Your fear will not stop you from experiencing pain

Because living in fear is already living in pain! So instead of avoiding alleged sources of pain, you need to seek sources of happiness.

By so doing you will see the joy of falling in love. In addition, you will also to see life in a new way. You will meet people who share your values and who appreciate you.

  1. The right person will calm you

If your heart has been broken, falling in love can be motifying. You think about your previous experiences almost all of the time. That’s normal. But it’s not that scary if you have someone by your side that you trust. The right person will understand and support you.

In addition, ask whether it’s your irrational “fear” that is holding you back back from a good relationship. Or is your confusion a sign that the relationship isn’t good for you? Think about this, and listen to your gut.

To conclude, if you sense you have found a good match that might turn into something amazing, be brave and go for it! Most of all, please go and find love  – and fall in love –  this Halloween!

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