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7 Make-up Tips for Your First Date!

Going on a first date should be fun, exciting and a great experience for you. The reality often is quite different; we are usually nervous and concerned about how we look. I am going to give you seven essential tips on what to do while preparing for your date, to make the experience more enjoyable. First impressions count, so to be sure you get your make-up right.

  1. Never wear red lipstick on the first date – a soft and natural pout is more attractive. I always advise to go with your favourite nude colour and optionally use a bit of gloss in the middle of the lower lips. Don’t put your lip gloss all over your lips, that’s never a good look. The right shade of red crimson always looks amazing on Asian skin but please don’t wear it on your first date!
  2. Don’t wear too much blush – you may feel a bit nervous and warm on that first matchmaking experience so you are more likely to have some natural blush coming through. Use just a little bit to define your cheeks and to add a three-dimensional appearance to your look.
  3. Use illuminator – it always looks great and gives you a fresh, youthful appearance. That’s what you want on your date! Just put a bit on the top of your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose. You can always add a tiny bit to the top ridge of your upper lip to make it more prominent. If you want to have a more glowing appearance, use a primer like ‘Wonderglow’ from Charlotte Tilbury, I love using it on Asian skin.
  4. Go heavy on mascara – please magnify your lashes as much as you can without making them look cakey. Your eyes are the window to your soul and heart so they are very important for your first Asian dating experience. I really like putting a few individual lashes – just in the corners of your eyes – to make them extra long and mesmerizing!
  5. Watch your eyeliner – never be too heavy with it on the first date. Too dramatic a look is not advisable! Keep it soft and light.
  6. Use the right concealer – I know how difficult it can be covering dark circles, especially for Asian ladies. Please remember to use at least a couple of different colours. A peachy one to diminish grayness and an illuminating one – my favourite is Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Éclat’ – to bring light to the area under the eyes.
  7. Pick a good powder – one that works well with your skin tone and looks natural. I love the ‘Hourglass’ range, which you can buy in Space NK. Press into your skin instead of placing it on the surface. Remember, you want your powder to be part of your skin not a separate layer!

Ladies, good luck on your first date, I hope these tips will help you to look absolutely fabulous! If you want to learn more about other make-up or beauty tips please go to http://anitawarszawska.com/the-blog/. I am always really happy to answer individual questions or to see you in person in my studio in Little Venice.

By Anita Warszawska

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