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3 Ways to Reset Your Love Life this Valentine’s Day

When you’re single it’s easy to view an approaching Valentine’s Day with dread. A day that seems to celebrate the best of coupledom at the expense of a single people everywhere. If you’re happily single, it’s painless to laugh off the clichéd rituals around Valentine’s but when you’re ready to jump-start your own dating life, it can all fall a little flat. Maybe it’s time to reclaim Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to reassess your love life. A day to regroup and re-energise your approach to potential relationships. Still not sure where to start? Try these 3 simple steps to reset your love life this Valentine’s Day.

Get Offline.

Planning your entire love life from your screen can take all the heart out of falling for someone. Dating apps and websites are often a road to frustration and disillusionment that can reduce romance to an online shopping experience.

Consider a different approach to meeting people and try a matchmaking service that put’s your needs first. In my work as a professional Asian matchmaker I strip away the algorithms and put people at the heart of the dating process. By meeting clients in real life, I get a sense of the person behind the picture, helping to create emotionally intelligent matches that make sense. A matchmaker could help see your love life through fresh eyes.

Put down your device and try a better way. 

Figure Out What’s Important to You

So often clients come to me with a list of requirements that is longer than most weekly shopping lists! I don’t believe in settling, but working out just what your deal breakers are is an empowering way to reinvigorate your dating life. Figure out the key elements in a partner that truly matter to you. Sweeping away reams of arbitrary preferences can widen your dating experience and lead you to someone who just might surprise you.

Date with an open heart and an open mind.

Relax and Enjoy it

Dating can feel like a very serious business. And whilst your romantic life is an important part of who you are, your journey to your perfect partner should be an enjoyable one. Take a step back, breathe and have fun with the process. Even a bad date can teach you something about yourself that takes you one step closer to your ideal match.

Dates who are relaxed, open and happy have a higher number of positive dating experiences and are more likely to connect with a match. If you struggle to control your dating nerves, take it slow and choose activities that are within your comfort zone.

Embrace a positive dating experience.

Valentine’s Day 2017 is the perfect time to get your love life on track and begin to meet Asian singles who might be your forever match. By consciously changing your approach to love, you could open the door to romance.

Shake the dust off your dating habits and connect smarter this Valentine’s Day.


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