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The Truth About Dating in Your Thirties

Stepping back into the dating pool after 30? You’re not alone, more of us than ever before are taking the plunge and hitting the dating scene after we hit the big three O. Perhaps you’re jumping back into dating following the end of a relationship or you’ve just not found your perfect match yet. Maybe you have been having far too many adventures to consider settling down before now. Whatever your story, it can feel more than a little intimidating to start making new connections in your third decade.

I’m here to give you the real story on dating in your thirties. Read on for the not so scary truth.

You Date Smarter in Your Thirties

So much smarter! Remember those people that were completely and utterly wrong for you in your early twenties? The ones that you dated because they seemed oh so cool or because you got set up and you thought that was just how Asian dating worked? By the time you hit thirty, you know yourself better, you know what you want and you definitely know what you don’t want. All this means you aren’t going to end up wasting days and months on the wrong person.

You’re Not Alone

Ever feel like the world is exclusively populated by happy couples? Are all your friends and family well and truly settled whilst you search on for your other half? It’s easy to feel like the only single person there ever was but I promise you, you’re not. So, so many of us are finding our true match that little bit later in life. One of the best bits of my job in Asian matchmaking is meeting wonderful singletons and helping them connect. I know love strikes after thirty, so don’t stop looking for it.

You’re More Interesting in Your Thirties

By the time we reach our thirties we all have stories to tell. We’ve had experiences, heart breaks and life lessons that make us more textured and interesting. You’re probably at an exciting stage in your career and much more comfortable in your own skin than you were 10 years earlier. The added bonus is the person sitting across from you will be much more interesting as well. Embrace your thirties and the exciting journey that brought you here.

You Have a Relationship History

Most of us, when we move into our thirties, have a few relationship skeletons in the closet. You might be divorced, you may have children or you might have a few relationship hang ups that are hard to shift. Dating in your thirties should be with an open mind and an open heart. All that stuff that makes us interesting and quirky and well, us, can be difficult. Be open, listen and expect your date to have a backstory.

The truth about dating in your thirties? It’s exciting, occasionally tough and absolutely worth it.

Take a deep breath and jump right in, you won’t regret it.

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