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Does age really matter in relationships?

If there is one thing that divides opinion when it comes to looking for a potential partner its age. For some, it is an afterthought while for others it is a central part of their search for a perfect mate.

We consulted Project 143 lifestyle guru, Chiedu Hing and dating expert, James Preece to find out, when it comes to dating, if age is ever just a number.

Gender Divide on Aging

For James, there is a distinct gender divide when it comes to how we embrace aging. He sees many men failing to take care of their appearance as they age while women spend increasing time on beauty and fitness routines.

James sees this trend driving women to seek relationships with younger men. “What happens is women just aren’t attracted to men their own age or older. They look around and decide they will have to date younger.” Problems arise when things get serious James says, as “most younger men don’t want to settle down with someone if there’s too much of an age gap.”

Of course, there is also the age-old stereotype of men who want to start relationships with much younger women. James argues this is nearly always a disaster and many men in this situation are simply looking at the superficial, in short, “they want someone they show off to their friends.”

What Impact Does Age Have on a Relationship?

With the right attitude – it seems that age can have little to no effect on a romantic partnership. Chiedu says “relationships are successful because both parties have looked past the number and decided to accept their partner because of how they make them feel.”

Society can make it tough, though, to see aging and dating in a neutral light. We are bombarded with messages that youth is good and this can leave older daters under increased pressure. Chiedu advises her clients to stop judging themselves and other negatively on age, arguing it creates a dangerous cycle of thinking. She advises, “this is a self-limiting belief which, the more you think it, the more you will believe it to be true and the more it becomes your reality”

One thing Chiedu has noticed is an increase in age gap relationships, saying, “we are seeing more examples of successful relationships with age gaps as big as 12 years between couples.” Perhaps this means we are finally leaving our obsession with age behind!

Make Your Own Rules

Something both our experts agree on is that you make your own rules when it comes to aging and dating. As James says, “it’s much more important that you have shared values, interests and life goals. Give everyone a chance and you never know what might happen!”

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