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Matchmaking in 2017

Project 143 is a matchmaking agency that matches real people looking for what you’re looking for. Love, partnership and someone to build a future with. Sounds simple…but for lots of us out there looking it can feel hopelessly complicated. In this post i’m going talk a little bit about the dating landscape right now and what we can all do to improve our chances of connecting with the right person.

Matchmaking in 2017

But what does matchmaking even mean in 2017? Well, it means I don’t have any built-in algorithms and I match people based on who they really are. It’s pretty old school really, I bring people together with similar interests, aspirations, goals and work hard to find just that right mix of chemistry that leads to love.

And that’s what I’m passionate about, giving people the tools, the time and the opportunity to find their ideal match. I want to pull people off their phone or laptop screen and into the real world to talk to each other, to interact and to feel genuine chemistry.

The problem

Online and app dating is here and it’s likely to be here to stay. But for lots of people it simply doesn’t work. We spend 7 times as long now browsing online for dates as we do meeting people in real life. That feels insane. You could be sat on a train opposite the man or woman of your dreams and not even notice them because your head is stuck in Tinder. Why are we dating this way?

Customer satisfaction is incredibly low for online dating and that could be because it involves a whole lot of time in for some pretty disappointing outcomes. You put hours into messaging the guy or girl who has no intention of meeting you or there is simply so much choice you don’t know where to start. Dating apps don’t even really feel like dating anymore it’s like a horrible computer game with your heart and your confidence up for grabs. But it seems like a game we love to play with more than 1.4 billion swipes a day on tinder!

The solution

So, if you’re feeling the frustration and the disappointment of the online world how do you get out there? It’s got to the point where going up to someone in a bar or on the street seems downright weird. How do we break down these walls and start having conversations again? For me, it’s all about relearning those interactions which a few years ago would have been totally normal.

So how do you build that confidence and start those conversations? Well, some of it is just bare faced bravery and some of it is having the right tools or the right questions to make that leap.

You want to avoid the usual dull dating questions. What’s your favourite food? What’s your favourite movie? Giant yawn.

Instead, try and ask interesting questions that prompt a story. When someone starts telling a tale, you engage with them. You get to see a little bit of that real person – that’s how sparks are born.

Who is your hero? If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go and why? What are you passionate about?

Engage people with open body language, smile, look them in the eye and be friendly whilst respecting their personal space. The worst that can happen is a polite conversation that doesn’t go anywhere and isn’t that better than waiting weeks for someone online to reply to a message and never receiving an answer?

Bottom line..

It’s high time we took a step forward into real world dating, online dating is a tool but it isn’t the only one in your tool belt and it should be a step towards real life interactions and not instead of them.

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